Brazilian Justice neglects real evidences of crimes committed by the Public Prosecution in the incessant and unproved persecution of former President Lula.

*CZ-Carlos Zucolloto (Lawyer in Curitiba, partner of Judge Moro’s wife and a close friend of Moro.)

*DD-Deltan Dallagnol (Public Prosecutor, leader of Car Wash Operation)

The partial judge of Curitiba who does not rest while not fulfilling the mission of arresting the Ex President Lula committed throughout the process various illegalities and arbitrariness that were ignored by Brazilian justice. One of them was the refusal to listen to the testimony of the lawyer Rodrigo Tacla Duran who is taking refuge in Spain for having had his prison requested by the judge of the case.

The lawyer obtained the refuge of Spain for having dual citizenship and for not having been considered pertinent by the Spanish government the request of prison of the Brazilian partial judge.
The lawyer who worked for Odebrecht presented several tests that were prosecuted by Spanish justices that demonstrated the partiality and the fabrication of evidence by the Lava Jato Operation task force in Brazil.
It is evident to everyone except for Brazilian justice that the Lava Jato operation has only the political objective of arresting and weakening the Brazilian political left, which has been guaranteed by the army, the mainstream media, and the Federal Supreme Court, which is capital and the few families that run Brazil.

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