The dissimulation of a coup clad with apparent legality

From the beginning of the process of Impeachment of the Ex President Dilma Rousseff it was clear in Brazil the beginning of a well orchestrated coup that aimed solely at reversing all the policies of social inclusion implanted in the last 12 years in Brazil.

As the only alternative to stop the leftist political escalation in Brazil and in America, it was necessary to give the appearance of legality to arbitrary measures so that there would be no risk of prosecution of coup. For this, within the planning of this coup of the brazilian extreme right, it was necessary a true media bombardment whose intention was to create the certainty of fault of the left parties through something known in the world by law fare.

This media campaign explains the hatred of the Brazilian right against former presidents Dilma and Lula, without actually participating in corruption. Nothing justifies the extreme speed given to the judicial process and the hurry in the imprisonment of former President Lula for a dubious condemnation, without clear evidence of guilt and after numerous arbitrariness practiced by the prosecutors and by the Car Wash judge that made the defense of the former president completely compromised.

Lula was condemned for “indeterminate acts in the exercise of public function” in exchange for an apartment that according to his accusers he never used but would use in the future. I do not know if this only seems ridiculous to me, but it is what actually supports Lula’s conviction and the hurry of his imprisonment. For those who understand that this persecution does not make any sense in face of bags and bags of money and illegal accounts abroad of almost all Brazilian politicians, the conclusion remains that this is another phase of the coup in progress that aims to withdraw from the politic campaign the only popular representative candidate who appears first in all election polls for the presidency in 2018.

All with the same airs of legality that are also identified in the fascist and Nazi measures of Adolf Hitler in history books. Will the world realize this in time?

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