Lula´s Truth – dominion over the act

Lula´s Truth – dominion over the act

The dissimulation of a coup clad with apparent legality

From the beginning of the process of Impeachment of the Ex President Dilma Rousseff it was clear in Brazil the beginning of a well orchestrated coup that aimed solely at reversing all the policies of social inclusion implanted in the last 12 years in Brazil.

As the only alternative to stop the leftist political escalation in Brazil and in America, it was necessary to give the appearance of legality to arbitrary measures so that there would be no risk of prosecution of coup. For this, within the planning of this coup of the brazilian extreme right, it was necessary a true media bombardment whose intention was to create the certainty of fault of the left parties through something known in the world by law fare.

This media campaign explains the hatred of the Brazilian right against former presidents Dilma and Lula, without actually participating in corruption. Nothing justifies the extreme speed given to the judicial process and the hurry in the imprisonment of former President Lula for a dubious condemnation, without clear evidence of guilt and after numerous arbitrariness practiced by the prosecutors and by the Car Wash judge that made the defense of the former president completely compromised.

Lula was condemned for “indeterminate acts in the exercise of public function” in exchange for an apartment that according to his accusers he never used but would use in the future. I do not know if this only seems ridiculous to me, but it is what actually supports Lula’s conviction and the hurry of his imprisonment. For those who understand that this persecution does not make any sense in face of bags and bags of money and illegal accounts abroad of almost all Brazilian politicians, the conclusion remains that this is another phase of the coup in progress that aims to withdraw from the politic campaign the only popular representative candidate who appears first in all election polls for the presidency in 2018.

All with the same airs of legality that are also identified in the fascist and Nazi measures of Adolf Hitler in history books. Will the world realize this in time?

Brazilian Justice neglects real evidences of crimes committed by the Public Prosecution in the incessant and unproved persecution of former President Lula.

*CZ-Carlos Zucolloto (Lawyer in Curitiba, partner of Judge Moro’s wife and a close friend of Moro.)

*DD-Deltan Dallagnol (Public Prosecutor, leader of Car Wash Operation)

The partial judge of Curitiba who does not rest while not fulfilling the mission of arresting the Ex President Lula committed throughout the process various illegalities and arbitrariness that were ignored by Brazilian justice. One of them was the refusal to listen to the testimony of the lawyer Rodrigo Tacla Duran who is taking refuge in Spain for having had his prison requested by the judge of the case.

The lawyer obtained the refuge of Spain for having dual citizenship and for not having been considered pertinent by the Spanish government the request of prison of the Brazilian partial judge.
The lawyer who worked for Odebrecht presented several tests that were prosecuted by Spanish justices that demonstrated the partiality and the fabrication of evidence by the Lava Jato Operation task force in Brazil.
It is evident to everyone except for Brazilian justice that the Lava Jato operation has only the political objective of arresting and weakening the Brazilian political left, which has been guaranteed by the army, the mainstream media, and the Federal Supreme Court, which is capital and the few families that run Brazil.

Este 4 de abril de 2018 marcó a dos Premios Nobel de la Paz y un candidato.

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel-Buenos Aires, Argentina

7 DE ABR DE 2018 — Este 4 de abril de 2018 se cumplieron 50 años del asesinato de Martin Luther King. También se cumplieron 41 años de mi encarcelamiento por parte de la última dictadura argentina. Y el Supremo Tribunal Federal de Brasil envió a la cárcel a Lula Da Silva.
Tres ejemplos de cómo la lucha no-violenta por los derechos humanos y de los pueblos, representan una seria amenaza a los intereses de las clases dominantes antidemocráticas.

Nobel de la Paz para Lula da Silva

иикогда не сможет заключить наши мечты nikogda ne smozhet zaklyuchit’ nashi mechty. Kann unsere Träume niemals einsperren! Ne peut jamais emprisonner nos rêves! Non può mai imprigionare i nostri sogni! They can never imprison our dreams! Nunca podrán aprisionar nuestros sueños!

Brazilian Generals threaten Supreme Federal Court if they grant “habeas corpus” to Lula. U.N. HELP US!!

The Brazilian military tolerates all kinds of crimes as long as they are committed by the politicians of right partyies. They tolerate the acquittal of Michel Temer, they tolerate the acquittal of Aécio Neves, they tolerate the acquittal of Romero Jucá, but they threaten military intervention with bloodshed if the supreme federal court grants Lula permission to await the end of the process in freedom.

Lula was convicted without evidence and his defense arbitrarily committed with negligence to evidence of innocence and illegal fabrication of evidence of guilt what was proved by Rodrigo Tacla Duran who is refugee in Spain.

We have not lived a democracy in Brazil since the coup of 2016 and we are about to start a civil war.

Please, UN, help us.

The fascist hate against the most popular leader in the world of social inclusion.

Gunshots hit two buses in a caravan for Lula’s campaign tour in southern Brazil on Tuesday, officials in his Workers’ party said.

No one was hurt, and the former president was not in either of the two buses, which were carrying guests and journalists. Nails had also been placed along the caravan’s route, piercing the tyres of one bus, the party said.

Lula has been traveling around southern Brazil to rally support for another presidential run in October.

In a sign of how divisive the once spectacularly popular leader has become, his caravan has been the target of facists atacks, and his buses have previously been pelted stones.

“If they think that that they can do away with my will to fight, they are wrong,” Lula said at a rally Tuesday night. “The day I cannot shout anymore, I will shout through your throats! The day my mind stops thinking, I will think through your minds!”

Gleisi Hoffmann, the Workers’ party president, complained in a statement that authorities haven’t provided enough security for the caravan and later called the attack an attempted homicide. Officials noted that Paraná state is the only one the caravan has passed through that hasn’t provided a police escort.

“It’s not normal in a democracy that people fire on a democratic caravan,” Hoffmann told supporters Tuesday night.

After the execution of Marielle Franco, Brazil is not afraid to continue the fascist coup made by media that criate hate to the left partyies and to the most popular leader um the world for the social inclusion.